Barbecue & Bar Tavern

  • $325,000
  • 4,000 s.f.

Federal Hill Pub/Restaurant with outdoor Patio

  • $325,000
  • 3600 s.f.

Liquor Store & Bar in Maryland

  • $250,000
  • 2800 s.f.

Restaurant/Club with outdoor patio

  • $350,000
  • 3200 s.f.

Beer/Wine Store in Great Location

  • $349,000
  • 2300 s.f.

Kosher Sushi Restaurant in Maryland

  • $25,000
  • 2512 s.f.

Existing Resturant/Pub with property in Baltimore, MD

  • $1,600,000
  • 6076 Sq Ft

Washington DC Restaurant in Great Location

  • $795,000
  • 5000 Sq Ft
Founder & CEO
Jim McGinnis has been in the commercial real estate business for 38 years, specializing...
oe has been in the hospitality industry for 30 years, specializing in business development...
Mark Dunn was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. He attended Saint Jane Frances de Chantal...
Tim Velasco Tim has been involved with the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years...
Harold Autry lives in Montgomery County, MD and currently owns restaurants in Maryland and...
Director of Operations
As a Maryland native, he was raised in College Park and attended Gonzaga High...
Director of Marketing and Research
Jack is a graduate of Towson University and received a Bachelor of Arts in...
Accomplished former Director of Baltimore Business Development Corporation, skilled in revitalizing strategies for Baltimore...

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