I cannot express how much I appreciate Jim and his team at The Restaurant Broker.  I tried to sell my restaurant for close to two years.  Unfortunately, there were multiple factors that made the restaurant extremely difficult to sell.

I brought on Jim and his team, and they went right to work.  They created professional looking marketing material.  They worked with their vast network and brought in many potential buyers.  The obstacles were immense, but Jim persisted.  There were at least 10 times where I was ready to give up and just lock the door and return the keys and let the chips fall as they may. 

However, Jim took this as a personal challenge and goal.  Selling my restaurant was personal to Jim.  He was always available to answer questions and talk me off of a ledge whenever needed.  I never could have sold my restaurant without Restaurant Brokers.  I am so glad I found them. I highly recommend The Restaurant Brokers for anyone trying to sell their restaurant. 

Josh Volusov, Owner Sushi Sakura Restaurant

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