Your Partner in Success: The Restaurant Broker

We, at The Restaurant Broker, are more than brokers - we are hospitality industry specialists. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, guiding restaurant owners, franchisees, and entrepreneurs in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, towards promising business or property opportunities. Whether you're seeking the perfect venue for your restaurant concept, purchasing an existing business, or planning an expansion, we turn complexities into victories.

In the fast-paced restaurant and real estate landscape of the Maryland, DC and Virginia regions, our expertise stands unparalleled. Our team of industry veterans offers all-encompassing brokerage services, providing reassurance and efficient solutions to all your real estate and business needs.

Jim McGinnis

Jim McGinnis has been in the commercial real estate business for 40 years, specializing in the restaurant industry. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Communications. He went into real estate, selling businesses for a Business Broker in Bethesda, MD.

His working knowledge of the region has his services in demand for restaurant chains looking to expand into this market area. His expertise is focused on finding space and negotiating leases for the hospitality industry, working with Landlords to lease their space as well as restaurant sales. Jim is a former certified Real Estate appraiser that was licensed in the state of Maryland and served on the Prince Georges County Financial Loan Services loan review committee reviewing business loans in the County.

He has done extensive consulting for the Southern Maryland Small Business Development Center working with their restaurant clients developing business plans and sales projections. In addition, he is a recurring guest speaker at SBA seminars in the restaurant industry. He is a retired NCAA basketball official and a high school basketball official in the Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia area. Jim is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

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