I have had the pleasure of working with Jim McGinnis and Restaurant Brokers with the sale of two of our restaurants. Both were challenging from a sales standpoint and in a difficult economy, we needed a talented and seasoned professional to get the job done. Jim used every tool at his disposal to get the job done. Because of complications from our end, it took almost a year to get the two locations to settlement. During that time, Jim never wavered from doing the marketing that we needed. He and his team were constantly looking for the right fit. He prescreened potential buyers and didn’t bring us everyone who was just fishing. Because of his hard work up front, when we did talk to buyers, most of the hard work was already done.

I admired Jim for his professionalism and because he deals only with restaurants, we weren’t being inundated with real estate agents who weren’t savvy in the sale of a restaurant and bar.

I look forward to working with Jim again in the sale of our other restaurants. And I would highly recommend him in the buying or selling of your property.

Steve Wecker

Cured/ 18th & 21st / The Iron Bridge Wine Company/ Mutiny Pirate Bar

2019 State of Maryland Restaurateur of the Year

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